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my big brother is made of pretty y/y?11/??

but he needs to grow his hair back out

im prooobly gonna force everyone (EVERYONEEE!!!!!!!!!) to let me take pics of them because i can and i feel like itttt :DDDDDDD


even though its from like christmasish lol

i cnat evven

i cang bleive oooooohmgyod

you gus i cnataa evn belive

i gggot a car

n a giutar

cat sntop cyring

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ggggggggggggggggggggggggoooooooooooooooooooooooodddddddddddddddddddddd


iw ent to vist devi today

i knoked for a long tiime but no one answered so i used my keyy

and tthey were just........THERE......kisinjg and doing sttuff it hought we oromised not to and

i waalked aall the wat there and i ran all the wa back

thta guy gavw me his number.  i think ill call hjim.

big day

o.  m.  g.

we did soooooooo much today.

we had a sleepover last night with richie (couldn't get him to get an lj but we're working on it...) in my room 'cause devi's bed isn't...in there anymore.

then we went to breakfasttt and we wandered around seattle (i am afraid of the homeless people here :[ ) and watched this street drummer and it was awesome 8DD devi gave him like 10 bucks

then we met up with EVERYONEEEEE for lunch. :DDD it was funny because we were walking by the restaurant and then me and richie were all like casually "HEY THAT LOOKS COOL -EACH GRAB ONE OF DEVIS ARMS AND DRAG HIM INSIDE-"

he was sooo shocked because usually everyone has v-day plans and can't really make it to his party, so i had everyone say they couldn't make it like usual.

he picked me up and spun me around like a dork :DDDDD

we were there for so long omg.  kevin spilled his sierra mist in his lap and andy was all "LET ME HELP YOU WITH THAT -GRABS KEVS CROTCH AND DOESNT LET GO-" omg it was so funny when kev got all pouty from that XDD
devi like totally made out with richie.  DONT BELIEVE HIM IF HE DENIES IT.  i witnessed ittttt.  i think they were going to be ~valentines~ anyway because theyre too dorky to get dates 8DDD
riley was like TRYING to ruin it though. :/ im not going to talk to her for a lil while shes being a pissypants lately.

anyway...thats not even the big stuff. ._. devi made me not plan anything for the night because he said he already had some stuff planned.  for a while we were just like setting things up at his place and then he was all 'kay we gotta go now' and it seemed kinda weird but i went along with him anyway.


devi got ink.  HE GOT TATTOOS.  PLURAL.


he got my name tattooed on the inside of his right arm.



i sat there with him the whole time the girl was doing it and sobbed my fucking eyes out and omg

it was like...really cool, too.  even with the blood that nearly made me faint

the other one took a long time, but he said i couldn't look at it so i didn't. >:| i wanna know what it is but he has to leave the bandage on. argh.

then after that...


it is so short andand he doesn't look like my big brudder anymore and ;_;;

i liked being able to play with his hairrrr and idk im freaked out by all this stuff....

right now, im sitting on the floor in the living room of dev's new place.  aunt candace helped him get it.  and i just...i dont know....

i dont want my big brother so far away and i dont know what im going to do being stuck alone with mom and dad and i dont know.  this is too much and i feel bad now for emoing up what was supposed to be a happy journal but im scared and life is too big for me right now. >_<

i love you, devi. good luck with your new life.


i think me, devi and kevi are gonna hang out here tonight :D  i think we're watching a movie and teaching kevi how to cook.  er, devi will prolly do that...something bursts into flames every time i walk into the kitchen...



i need a shower i smell like poo.



omg noob post SWEEEEEEET

so um


i'm scott.  i like grapes and the color blue (stfudevitspretty).  i am kind of short.  people think i'm outgoing, but they're stupid. 8D

i take pictures and write veryvery short and stupid stories.  i have a rat named edward and GOD DAMMIT NO I DIDN'T NAME HIM AFTER THE DUDE IN TWILIGHT FUCK OFF!!! 

i'm hungry now so i'm going to go eat something.